C1 is Medium Soft - C2 Is Firm
Tires are priced and sold In individualy. When ordering, Order 2 For One Pair.
Important! All OD Sizes Are final Mounted Size On Stock Rim Unless Otherwise Specified, Not Actual Size.
Curve Hugger Rear Silicones Stock Replacment For .275 X.185 #8873 Double Flanged Rims .435 Mounted OD.
Also Fits .275 X.200 Front Non Flanged Rims, Raw Tire Size  .395 OD X 250 ID X 184 WIDE In Compounds 1 And 2. Compund C2 is harder than  C1
$0.55 Each
   White C1    Black C1
   White C2    Black C2

 .471 OD X .215 W X .225 ID On Curve Hugger Double flanged rims,  Compunds 1 and 2. .466 OD On .275 Rim

$0.65 Each 
  Black C1   Black C2